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  • Formulized to
    make your dog
    love you more

    Bone Broth and Sweet Potato blends elegantly to dress up any canine cuisine to mouth watering perfection.

    You like sauce, so does your dog..
    Human Grade
    Boost Taste
    Nutrient Rich
    Made in USA
    Non GMO

    Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    Kibble Hydration is the new meal
    time standard

    Doesn't matter if your fur child is a picky eater or gobbles their food down. Our concoction of delicious dressing is the perfect gift of gratitude to your favorite pal.

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    Delicious & Nutritious

    Naturally occurring vitamins found in Bone Broth and Sweet Potatoes

    • Glucosamine + Chondroitin
    • Calcium + Phosphorus
    • B6
    • Vitamin C
    • Magnesium
    • Vitamin A

    Made with human grade ingredients our USA foods manufacture has been in business for over 50 years and holds our processes and products to the highest standards

    DogSauce is made with whole-foods, no synthetic vitamins or minerals.

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    Benefits of Sweet Potato & Bone Broth

    • Glucosamine + ChondroitinInflammation & Joint Support
    • Calcium + PhosphorusOverall Bone Health
    • MagnesiumPhysiological Function
    • B6Nervous System & Hormone Regulation
    • Vitamin AVision & Bone Growth
    • Vitamin CImmunity & Cognitive Aging

    Sauce Reviews

    “My dog used to be super picky about his food, but ever since I started adding Dog Sauce to his meals, he can't get enough! It's incredible how he licks the bowl clean every time.”

    – Alexandra

    “Roadie is getting up there in age so having glucosamine and chondroitin in the sauce as an extra bonus for his joints makes me feel even more confident about adding dog sauce to his meals!”

    – John

    “The convenience of Dog Sauce cannot be understated. I love my dogs very much and used to treat them to wet food meals once in a while as a break from their every day kibbles.”

    – Eric

    Frequently Asked Questions


    • Do they need to be refrigerated after opening?

      • Bags should be refrigerated after opening
    • How long have you been working on DogSauce?

      • Our formula has been in the stealth testing phase for nearly three years. We care more about our pets then most fly by night companies rushing products to market.
    • How long will a bag last me?

      • One bag usually last roughly one week for a medium size 35-45 pound dog that is getting one to two ounces a day
    • What is the recommended serving size?

      • One ounce per 25 pound animal per meal
    • How long do they stay good once opened?

      • Stays safe for 7 days after opening if refrigerated
    • How long do they stay good if unopened?

      • Dog Sauce stays shelf stable for 18 months because of our intensive filling process and apple cider vinegar formula
    • Do you have a subscription service?

      • Yes! We offer 30,60 & 90 day options
    • How often can I add the sauce?

      • Adding the appropriate amount of sauce to every meal time is recommended for overall health benefits
    • What are the ingredients?

      • sweet potatoes puree, chicken bone broth, water, chicken bones frames, chicken bones paws, carrots, celery, thyme, bay leaf powder, dried ground oregano, apple cider vinegar, fruit extracts, oregano, and flaxseed, citric acid and buffered white distilled vinegar
    • Where is your product made?

      • USA
    • Is this a daily probiotic?

      • Yes Dog Sauce is rich in sweet potato which is a whole food probiotic superfood
    • How long does shipping take?

      • 5-7 days USA

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